Dog Rescue

When these people are informed about a neglected dog they begin the dog rescue process. To make sure that the owners will not cause any problems sometimes the local police will be informed. Once the dog rescue has been accomplished the team heads back to a dog shelter.

At the shelter one of the dog rescue team will gain the animal’s trust and the process of settling the dog for the duration of its stay will begin. The first part of the dog rescue is to see to the various health aspects of the dog. This means that the dog must be cleaned up carefully so that any wounds or injuries will not be further aggravated. Once the dog has been cleaned and carefully groomed the vet at the dog rescue will see what the injuries need to be healed.

This process has to proceed very carefully as the dog will be unsure of its surroundings and will be ready to defend itself. Once the various wounds and injuries have been looked after,Dog Rescue Articles a nutritious meal will have to be planned. This Cheri Honnas way any malnutrition will soon disappear and the dog will soon begin to look healthy.

The kennel where the dog will stay while it is at the dog rescue centers will be a temporary home. As soon as a foster family is found the dog will be moved to stay with the foster family. It is from these foster families that the dogs will learn to trust humans and also become sociable animals.

While the dog is with the foster family the other training factors of dogs are begun. These training periods will be conducted with love and care so that the dog begins to enjoy learning all of its new tricks and commands. Once the dog has fully adapted to being a member of a family the dog is ready for adoption.

The various applicants who come to the dog rescue will see happy and healthy dogs just waiting to be adopted and taken home. For a previously neglected, abused or malnourished dog the best place to start a new future can be found in a dog rescue.